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Eyebrow Wax

Female Waxing Services in Townsville

Our staff are extensively trained and experienced in all womens waxing requirements. Blushous Beauty aims offer the very best in waxing hair removal treatments in Townsville. Our treatment room is sterile and hygienic as well as air-conditioned to keep you comfortable. We use the best wax available to remove hairs and ensure the quality of our products and equipement is maintained at all times..

Your needs are important to us, so if you need a little or a lot we welcome you. We don't judge and we welcome women of all shapes and sizes.  We want you to feel at ease during your appointment so we invite you to pick out a relaxing essential oil we can diffuse for you during your treatment.  

Waxing vs ShavingWaxing pulls hair out by the root while shaving leaves the hair root, only removing hair from above the skin. Shaving and waxing vary dramatically in treatments and results.

Let’s start with Waxing. While it generally takes two to eight weeks for hair to grow back, this procedure has different waxes with varying waxing applications.

Hot wax is applied on the body, allowed to cool and solidify. It is then peeled off, pulling the hair out with it. The hot wax adheres to the hair shaft and is ideal for sensitive skin. Strip wax is applied in a thin layer that is lifted off by a strip of cloth or paper. The wax for a strip wax adheres to the skin and is highly effective in removing fine hairs.

Shaving is normally quite painless, but it can cause razor burns, razor bumps and cuts. Hair grows back quickly, thicker and stronger after shaving. It can also cause ingrown hair growth.

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