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Hair and Beauty Trends for Brides in 2021

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

When preparing for your wedding day it’s important to plan. carefully and that includes planning for what hairstyle/ makeup look you would like. Of course, you don’t have to be super specific with every detail but certainly if there are aspects of your everyday styling that you feel you just wouldn’t look the same without,then this is something that definitely should be incorporated into your wedding day look.For example, if you wear your hair up every day,it’s likely, if you chose to wear it down for your wedding, before the night has even begun you might be wishing it was out of the way! Same, if your makeup must-have is eyeliner, you may feel naked if this isn’t applied on the day. With that in mind, We’ve tried to take some ofthe hard work out of this part of the planning for you by putting together a list of what is hot for brides in 2021.

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Less is more..

Over the last couple of years(way too, too many), we have seen a rise in fuller applications, defined brows, nude lipstick and that Kim K contour. Well(thankfully), 2021 brides are now opting for a more fresh and glowing appearance, bringing back SKIN that looks like skin, a no-makeup makeup if you like, products being used to enhance rather than mask, to reveal a more personal and effortlessly beautiful finish.

Rouge is what will be on everyone’s lips for next year. Red is a truly timeless colour, dating right back to the Egyptians who crushed berries to enhance their lip. It really is a powerful and magical colour symbolising passion and love among other things!! Plus, it is very eye-catching, so if you are a bride who is wanting to keep her makeup look simple and natural with a pop of colour, this is the perfect way to do it. With so many variations too, there is a red to suit every skin tone. Don’t forget you can top it off with a gloss for that ultimate sophisticated, sultry definition.

Contouring is a bride's best friend....

Contouring is something that woman could not get enough of, this magical tool that forgave our sins and changed our face as we knew it, it’s almost hard to imagine how we lived without it in our lives, throw back a couple of years and we were all going about our day blissfully unaware of this little-known makeup trend. Now although a subtler form of contouring has been around for many decades by professional Makeup Artists, it is something that has just grown and adapted over the years to become the answer to a super sculpted face. Not only was this a complete game-changer but it very much took over the role of blusher for a while, but with many brides wanting to achieve an English-rose style complexion, blush is very much back, and I for one am super pleased with this!

The smokey eye...

Smoky eye makeup has also adapted and has been seen to take on a new definition and form. Not only can this be achieved in the more well-known manor (black kohl liner smudged and blended for a chic grungy feel) but for 2021 brides it has been seen to include many deep tones such as greens, browns and grey eyeshadows, softly applied to the lid or blown out to elongate the eye. Depending on the undertones, a smoky eye can make your eye colour pop. A smoky eye isn’t for every bride, especially if you are not a regular makeup wearer, deeper toned eyeshadows can feel overpowering but you can adapt this to a smoked out eyeliner instead which is a gorgeous subtle way to achieve this look. Don’t shy away from adding colour to the liner too, colour is totally on-trend for 2021 so why not try a violet or midnight blue as an alternative to midnight black?

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Bridal Hair Trends

When it comes to hairstyling there are not one but two top trends that we will be taking into 2021. The first being SLEEK hairstyles, every hair in its place, neatly tied into a ponytail, bun or even swept back away from the face which then turns into gorgeous curls, however you choose to wear this and translate it to suit your special day, these styles really do look effortless, modern and chic. The other top hair trend is the stunning and ultra-classic Hollywood Wave. This is a style that can be adapted in so many ways too, you can style it in the most common way, voluminous, silky waves, you could sleek it back behind the ears to merge the trends together and create tousled waves down the back or you could pop it up into a glamourous pony. Those vintage Hollywood vibes are timeless.

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